My laptop and tv screen is a mess

Nyx - Sep 22, 2016 at 02:25 PM
So basically my screen is a mess. I hooked up my tv and laptop via a hdmi cable. Everything was fine, no problems other than sound muting when the cable shifted. One day tho, all of a sudden, I turn my laptop on and the screen on my tv remains black. I click enter, type my password and click enter again. It eventually loads up my home screen, with the task bar below. But no mouse. Certain programmes open up (Skype, ect) but nothing shows on my screen other than my wallpaper. Cortana is also unresponsive and left clicking/right clicking does nothing.
I have a HP Pavilion, 15 notebook I think. Windows 10. Please help because I literally have no life without being able to play Steam and Skyrim Remastered is being released soon and I won't have to pay for it but my laptop just isn't working. I tried tapping F8 to use that approach but my screen stays black and when I use the cntrl + alt + dlt approach it just locks my laptop with a black screen.