Hotmail account blocked purchased new phone

Michelle - Oct 4, 2016 at 01:39 PM
I recently bought a new phone when I've come to set up email on the new one I couldn't remember the password when asked to reset the pass word I had a code sent to ***@*** an email address I don't use for anything expert for a google app. When I typed in the code to recover password I have provided as much information as I can with my full name date of birth postcode and favourite film when it comes to the second page it asks for passwords previously used if I can't remember the one I'm using now how am I suppose to remember old ones, it also asks for emails recently sent I have had this email address for over 15 years and I hardly ever send emails so I couldn't tell you that one either so when I've summitted the form I get an email saying I haven't provided enough information I have done this at least 7/8 times and keeps getting the same message I've received an email saying the best thing for me to do is set up a new email address, that is not good for me at all I have everything sent to that email address from bill statements to app access I am also doing a 10k run in 3 weeks time and all the information I need is on them emails so I really need to get it recovered please can you help?