Signal not detected on boot up

Lutka - Oct 7, 2016 at 02:53 PM

I've been going through a lot of threads on google and not found a solution so I figured i gotta make a thread my self.

I am away from home and I had an assignment due on sunday, so I took my computer with me, however it felt like such a hassle to take both monitors so I only took one, I think the one I took was my secondary monitor.

When I plugged in all my cords and booted up the computer, I was faced with a message saying signal not detected. I tried unplugging pretty much everything and plugging them back in (including my ram, graphics card and even the battery.) to no avail.

However one thing that stood out was that my monitor definitely knew it was plugged in to something because it said cable not plugged (or something along those lines) when I unplugged the monitor cord

Hearing that, one might think my graphics card must be broken right? Well this has happened before as well, with this same monitor. It seems to only happen when I'm not home. Which is odd as all hell, but I'mlead to believe it has to have something to do with the fact that I only have one monitor because whenever I'm using two monitors it keeps the second monitor blank while the main monitor has the login screen on it and only starts showing images when I've logged in.

I tried logging in to the computer without having a monitor plugged in and also while having it plugged just by memory. Which didn't do anything. One odd thing is that my 'num lock' doesn't light up on startup, which is something that it usually does. The computer also only gives a single boop of approval on boot up. Aaand I also tried to open bios, but if it did open. I sure as hell didn't see what was going on in there

Monitor is Benq xl2411, gfx is gtx970, os is windows 10

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.