Toshiba black screen

ParanoidAndroid - Oct 8, 2016 at 09:21 PM
hey everybody here is the problem, i have this laptop since 2009 and a month ago something weird happened, i turned on the laptop and no image was showing on the screen then i plug it into to another monitor and then it showed up on the extrenal monitor. then the next day i was goign to start the computer and bang the same prob but then i tried to turn off and turn on for multiple times and nothing, then after 20 minutes i decided to turn it on again and it did work, but then i decided to never turn off the laptop cause i was scared it would happen again, but then i had to turn it off and when i turn it on the screen was black ofc then after 45min i decided to turn it on and was perfect, but now a few days ago the scree isnt show any image even if i wait hours or days.. so i decided to start using the external monitor and then one day i turn off the computer and when it started the screen was perfect again, now im using the external monitor again and tried to turn it off and on and nothing, seems like its gone forever.

the laptop im using is toshiba l500-13w

please somebody help me. i tried everywhere around the web.
P.S sorry for my english but i tried everything in my native languange and couldnt find anything like this.