Cut-Paste from 1 Workbook to another-based on cell - del columns [Closed]

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October 9, 2016
I have a master workbook and a template workbook. Master workbook has 6 col - Vendor / Rep / ST / Code / Amount / Name. Template has 5 col - Vendor / Rep / ST / Code / Amount.
Master is straightforward, with Row one containing titles (Columns A-F). Template is different, having Rows 1-5 preset (or blank), with Row one containing the NAME from "Col F" of the Master Workbook and Row 7 containing the rest of the titles.
What I've been doing manually is:
- cutting the rows from the Master Workbook whenever the Name column changes
- pasting it to Row 8/Col A of the Template
- copying the Name cell (Template workbook - Col F)
- pasting Name to Row 1 AND sheet tab name
- Deleting Column F of the Template
- PAGE to the next sheet in the Template
- Switch Windows to the Master Workbook
- Delete the Cut rows
- Repeat process

How's that for inefficiency? So in a nutshell, what I'm needing/hoping/praying for is a macro that will Copy Rows for Columns A-F of Master Workbook WHENEVER the Name in Column F changes - Paste that info the the Template Workbook on Row 8/Col A - Copy Cell F8 of the Template - Paste that to Row 1 and the Sheet tab name - Page to the next sheet of the Template - Switch back to the Master Workbook and proceed to the next different instance of NAME.

I sure hope I've made sense in what I've explained above. Thank you for viewing my request.

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