Acer E1-571 Not Turning On

Kanwar - Oct 10, 2016 at 06:04 AM

I am asking for help from all the genius guys who help others on this wonderful forum. I am using my laptop for around 2 years. Never had any issues. I used it yesterday night and turned off while it has almost 15% of the battery. It shuts down as it normally does and I put it under my table. I tried to open this morning but its completely dead. I tried plugging in charging lead but no light at all is turning on(Not even the charging light). Tried with another charger, not helped. I have searched this forum and find out that some people are getting their laptops life back using the 1 minute button holding procedure. So I removed battery, ram and charger and hold the button for a minute. No signs of life.

Has anyone seen any problem like this? Need urgent help.

Thanks in advance.