Formula for copying figures onto another sheet when value is >0

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Tuesday October 11, 2016
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October 11, 2016
I would like to create a formula that will only show figures from another sheet that are greater than 0.
This is for an invoice template. The previous sheet has 27 trades consistently however not all of the trades are used for every job. Therefore, I would like the formula to pick up the amounts that are greater than 0 on the trade summary (hence there is a cost) and copy that amount onto the invoice template. Ideally, if the trade description can be copied across too, that would be excellent.
an example of the trade summary:
Column A Column B
Painter $90
Plasterer $45
Debris $0
Builder $100
Hardware $0

Therefore, the formula would pick up painter, plasterer and builder to populate onto the invoice sheet.
I hope this makes sense!