Summary Workbook

Hi, I have the following requirement in a workbook and I was wondering if anyone could help me? (I am pretty much an Excel rookie)

I have a summary sheet on sheet one and 4 sheets of data, in all 4 sheets the data is marked in 6 categories. I have a list of these 6 categories on Sheet 1, and sheet 1 has 4 columns with the 4 sheetnames. Now what I would like to have happen is that if I select Category 1 in the list, that the all data on sheet A marked with Category 1 appears in Column A, all data on sheet B marked with Catagory 1 appears in Column B, etc.

In my own words I would describe the Formula needed in Column A as follows:
If the text in List (Cellnumber) is: Category 1
Show all data in Tab A marked as category 1

Is this possible?