Add incrementing number to multple items in transaction (VBA)

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Saturday October 15, 2016
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October 15, 2016
Hello, I am a new member and relearning Excel (2013).
In this, I am also trying to get my head around VBA.

I have VBA code that processes 'split' transactions by expense codes.
It currently precedes each transaction "Details" (text) user entry as ' [S]'.

I want to generate a number (xxxx) each time the SPLIT button is activated.
It will require to set a start number, incrementing by 1 per SPLIT session.

It will allocate this number (xxxx) to each item in that SPLIT session.
It will precede (user entry) Detail as '[Sxxxx]'

eg On SPLIT button press, number generated = 1009
#1 User 'Detail' entry = '1x Bag of potting mix'
#2 User 'Detail' entry = (no entry)
#3 User 'Detail' entry = 'Garden hoe'
#1 Transaction entry in Detail = ' [S1009] 1x Bag of potting mix'
#2 Transaction entry in Detail = ' [S1009]
#3 Transaction entry in Detail = ' [S1009] Garden hoe'

On any SORT the separate entries group on the SPLIT number.
ie they SORT as a single unit (item group).

I would appreciate advice or solution as to code or procedure.
All replies will be acknowledged.

Ron S