PC wont boot, i change the ram slot, then works [Solved/Closed]

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My pc recently behaves strange. Yesterday it worked fine. Today, i tried to turn it on, fans etc working, but bios wont boot. I have 1 ram of 4gb. I put it in another ram slot in my motherboard, and then the pc started. Its not the ram socket that has the problem, because i had the same problem again. I changed again the ram and put it in another slot, and worked. (Sometimes it didnt work the first time i changed slot, but usualy it works after the second time). Its probably not the mobo's problem, because if i try to turn on the pc without ram, it makes the continuous beep sound, indicating the mobo is working properly. I think that its either the psu problem, or the ram (probably the ram), but i dont have access to another working ram to test it. In a small research on the web i havent found something similar. The fact that changing the ram slot makes it work makes me feel that the ram is working. When the pc boots, windows is working perfect, as before. Does anyone know whats wrong?
Thanks in advance :)

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  • Also, i run windows memory diagnostics tool, and it did not found something in the memory...Help please, i dont want to buy a new ram, if its not the ram that is not working*
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Thank you
Hi Pedagil,

You are facing a bit strange issue. You have done good job trying to resolve the issue. In general, the solution really should be between motherboard, RAM and PSU, but it is really hard to tell which par is failing without a professional examination of the PC. The continuous beep you talk about may indicate different things, depending on the PC’s manufacturer. From my experience, I can tell you that this code rarely means that all runs normally. In most cases it can be associated with power related problems. Is it possible to test the RAM in a friend’s PC? If you confirm the RAM is working fine, the next step is to check with another PSU.

Hope this helps

Thank you

First of all, thank you for your response R2D2_WD. :) Check the new things i figured, and see if you can see something familiar with another similar issue you have seen! :))

I also figured out, that this problem occurs when i shut down the pc and then trying to turn it on. Both in sleep,restart and hibernation mode, everything works fine.. Its very strange, i was thinking if something with the initialization of the ram is the problem, when turning it on after shutdown. I will try to test my RAM into an other PC, and also try to find a working RAM to test it in my PC, but until then, any help will be perfect.
Thanks again:)
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Thank you
SOLUTION. Well, i gave the PC to an store to fix it, as i couldnt figure out what's happening. PSU works fine, so does the HDD and SSD hard drives i have. Now it's clear i think why the problem was so complicated. BOTH the motherboard AND the RAM had problems. Replaced the RAM with a new one, and now what happens is that when i turn on the PC, it starts, then you hear the fans shut down, then turning up again 2 or 3 times. (ITS NOT THE PSU. the guys in the store tested my machine with brand new PSUs and the same stuff kept on going.) The reason why pc restarts on its own, is that there is something wrong with the motherboard. Something that makes tha motherboard not able to boot. The motherboard understands it cannot boot, and then reboots, until it will finally boot into my OS.
So it was a combination of 2 major failures of the hardware..
Thanks in advance, i hope this thread will help others with similar problems, and next week i will replace my motherboard, and leave a comment here to make the thread completely solved!