Nortel phone on network

jgmechengr19 - Oct 18, 2016 at 06:09 PM

I am trying to troubleshoot why my Nortel phone wont get power. It works on other lines in other offices, but will not work in my office. This leads me to believe it has to do with the line, so I went to the server room, and the wires are in a rats-nest configuration. I tried following the line and there were 4 wires being used: orange-white(ow), white-orange(wo), blue-white(bw), white-blue(wb). Behind the buss as far as I could tell the only 2 other colors were green-white(gw), white-green(wg). Perhaps I just don't know how this particular bus is wired, but some of the ow/wo wires were connected to the gw/wg, and some of the ow/wo were connected to other ow/wo. I tried a few configurations, but was unable to get anything different.

Does anyone have any clue what I am even talking about? I have done some wiring, but network stuff is beyond my current knowledge frame.