Find Partial Text Match between Two Columns of data [Closed]

Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to Excel. I am in the process of comparing two columns of data to determine whether the data in each column relate. Column A has the key name from one product in one system and Column B has the key name from the same product in another system. There are 55,000 rows of key names to go through and I would really like to find an easier way to compare then just doing it by eye. The key names don't have to match exactly they just have to be similar. For example,

Bourbon Seagram BTL
SS Bailey's
Vodka Skyy BTL
SS House Rum

BTL Seagram
BTL Skyy
Vodka (Column C would show that this doesn't match Column A)

Is there an easier way to go through the two columbs and find cells that don't match at all? Please help!!!

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