Rearranging analysed historic data into a new coding structure [Closed]


I'm trying to rearrange historic data into a new coding structure.

I have an excel spreadsheet, showing nominal codes analysing rows of transactions, with amounts. These transaction rows are then further analysed out over a number of columns.

My issue is that I now have a coding structure, using these analysis, so the transaction analysis needs to be reorganised into rows.

e.g. Current excel sheet.
Nominal code - Narrative - Amount - House 1 - House 2 - House 3 - House 4
204001 - Cement - €200 - €50 - €50 - €50 - €50

I now need to show it as follows:
Full account code - Narrative - Amt
HS1.204001 - Cement - €50
HS2.204001 - Cement - €50
HS3.204001 - Cement - €50
HS4.204001 - Cement - €50

Vlookup or Hlookup wont work for me, because I have to look up a range of cells. And Index/match formulae dont seem to fit either,

Please, any help would be appreciated.


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