Laptop pulls up other WIFI connections, but not MINE

Kellie - Oct 26, 2016 at 12:30 PM
Hello, everyone!

I'm unable to locate my current WIFI connection on my laptop. This has always worked fine for me and just started happening 2 days ago. I've checked my router several times, but that's definitely not the issue. I'm able to access my WIFI on another computer (desktop), as well as numerous smartphones. I've even gone as far as turning off the data on my phone just to ensure it's using WIFI.

So when I try to locate WIFI networks on my laptop, every other neighbor's WIFI pulls up, except for mine. I mean literally! This seems like a different issue than most others since it's able to detect WIFI networks - just not mine in particular. I can turn WIFI off on my phone, then search again and my network shows up. Whereas, my WIFI connection never appears on my laptop as an option.

Here's some additional information about my laptop:
- Windows 10,
- recently uninstalled Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,
- installed Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

I've tried to uninstall the WIFI driver under network adapters, then updating the driver software. This doesn't work either. Perhaps it has something to do with the removal or installation of my antivirus?

One thing I haven't tried is looking to see if my wireless connection was disabled. I'll be sure to try this tonight. I believe these are the steps to do that.
1) First make sure that your wireless connection is not disabled.
Click on Start --> In search box, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter. "Network Connections" window will be opened. If you find your wireless connection icon in grey color then right-click on it and select "Enable".

If anyone has any suggestions... PLEASE, PLEASE let me know!!! Thank you so much!!!