Unable to unlock hotmail

rosie - Nov 1, 2016 at 07:15 AM
I thought I would post as I had an issue of not being able to access my Hotmail account and as I had no access to my linked email address (I changed jobs) I was in a very frustrating cycle of failing the security checks (I opened my Hotmail 17 years ago so could not remember all the information required correctly).
After much research on the internet and even speaking to Microsoft online support, the only option was to open another account which for me was not a solution.
I phoned Microsoft head office and whilst the tech support there could not help me with Hotmail, he did give me a link to Microsoft support that DOES support Hotmail.
I opened a ticket and within a couple of days my account was unlocked, as I was dealing with a very nice person who was able to verify my details even though they were maybe not exact I could elaborate on information that only I would know. He was very helpful and called me twice,
Now my account is unlocked :-) and I wanted to share the Microsoft escalation support which I could not find by searching on the net.
fill out your information and they will be in touch.
I am so relieved to have all my personal emails back and now appreciate the importance of keeping security information up to date.
Good luck hope you manage to resolve yours.