Video files in the first 8GB are playable and the rest aren't

Harlequin - Nov 5, 2016 at 07:06 AM
Hello, so I am downloading videos of a tv series from pc to flash drives. I have 4 same types of flash drives with the same 28GB capacity and format. I successfully filled the first 2 flash drives with videos to their full capacity and all videos played accordingly.

Continuing from where the second flash drive ended, I downloaded the remaining videos of the tv series. I transferred them to the third flash drive. But when I checked every video files, a huge amount of videos did not play and displayed an error 0xc00d36c4. I removed every video file with that error and found out that only the videos that filled the 8GB of the flash drive were playable and any video file that go over that amount will display an error of 0xc00d36c4.

I thought the flash drive was at fault. So I transferred all the remaining files to the fourth one. And yet only videos that fills the 8GB memory of the drive were the only files playable and the rest displays the same error.

So I thought again, maybe the files were at fault and the reason why they aren't playing. But the files I downloaded from the internet plays when opened through my pc and not through the flash drive.

So I concluded that maybe it was my flash drives. But the first two flash drives did not have any problem. I've researched the net about this problem and I haven't figured out how to solve it.

Any help will be appreciated.