Can detect wifi but cannot connect to any of its

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Thursday November 10, 2016
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November 10, 2016
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Hello guys.
I got a laptop acer aspire e5-473g. I just format its from windows 10 to windows 8. Everthing was fine except that the laptop can,t detect wifi. So i snif around & found out the network adapter driver and some driver was not installed. So i go to acer website & download it. The qualchomm altheros can be installed & detect wifi but the problem is it wont connect. When i troubleshoot its said that "you do not have a preferred connection" of something like that. I can connect using cable only
So my question is:
1. Did i have to install more driver in my laptop in order to make wifi connect.
2. Did i have to change internet protocol or delete ssid or something. Can u tell me how to do it?
3. Any solution or suggestion will be apprecite.