Append & Copy Data Automatically from Tab A to Tab B

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Tuesday November 22, 2016
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November 22, 2016
I'm trying to automatically append any new data from one excel tab (ReportExport) to another tab (MappingTool) if the vlookup on the MappingTool tab is equal to N/A.

Example: A new ReportExport is run everyday. The Report Export is linked to the Mapping Tool tab using a VLooup to confirm the Expense Description is listed on the Mapping Tool tab. If the Expense Descr. is missing, then an error (N/A) value is returned. For all descriptions with an error message, I'd like the Expense Account # and Expense description to be appended to the bottom of the MappingTool tab (row 5 using the example below). I want this to continue to occur for any new expenses added to the ReportExport and continuously append to the last (blank) rows on the Mapping Tool tab.


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