Transfer specific data on to a second work sheet [Closed]

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Wednesday November 23, 2016
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November 23, 2016
WORKBOOK 1 Services ALL - contains columns A-F
(a- Qtr, b-Locality, c-Date, d- first name, e- surname, f- Comments)

I have a WORKBOOK 2 with worksheets containing:
S Lakes

WORKBOOK 1 has all the required data. WORKBOOK2 requires the data sorted into the relevant work sheets bases on a set criteria.

so my criteria is:
if column B - locality in work book 1 contains 'Carlisle'. i want all the data in all rows containing Carlisle to be copied into the worksheet ' Carlisle' in WORKBOOK 2 on the next available line.
the same for 'Allerdale', 'eden' and 'S Lakes.

I would like this data in WORKBOOK 2 to automatically update when any amendments or additions are made in WORKBOOK 1

Thanks in advance, i am still learning!

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