Macros / VBA - Sending Rows to New Sheet [Closed]

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Thursday December 1, 2016
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December 1, 2016
Hi All--

New to programming, trying to make an efficient Excel program to use to sort and send certain data to certain sections of a separate sheet. Here's the rundown:

The company holds debt from 7 different banks, all shown in a single sheet. Each loan has its own row. I want each bank to have its own sheet showing what they hold (call it Collateral Pool) and what the other 6 banks hold (call it Non-Collateral Pool). So basically, Sheet 1 is a Master Loan sheet. Sheet 2 would group Bank A's loans in the Collateral Pool section starting at Row 83. The others would be in the Non-Collateral Pool starting at a certain row (right now it’s Row 89, but that will change when the Collateral Pool rows are added). Same would go with Bank B in Sheet3, etc.

Any thoughts on how this might look?

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