(Heading)If cell contains text, format cell+5 cells to the right [Closed]

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Wednesday December 7, 2016
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December 7, 2016
Hello, I have a worksheet which has several different sub-headings, occurring at different rows and columns in the sheet. I want to format the row of each heading a different colour, depending on a word in the heading. So headings containing "0:800" are blue fill, headings containing "name" are grey font, headings containing "other" mustard fill, etc. Each heading row has 5 cells to the right of the cell containing the text.

(I can't use tables because it is a shared workbook)

This is a picture of part:

The conditional formatting/highlight cells rules/text that contains function doesn't seem to have an option to format an adjacent range? And I haven't been able to find any formula which works, to both find the cells wherever they are, then highlight the cell range. Would greatly appreciate any help - thanks!

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