Power, but no output to monitor.

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I don't know why this was moved to the laptop forum. This is a desktop PC.

The led comes on, the fans spin up, the hard drive spins up, but there's never any output to the monitor. First time this happened I waited ten minutes or so (used to start in less than one) before holding down the power button to turn it off, on the third attempt it started normally. It did that again the next time, and I waited almost half an hour on one attempt before it finally started up. I opted to just keep the damn thing turned on and put it in sleep mode when I went to bed, and it worked fine like that the past week or so. I accidentally turned it off out of habit last night, and it's been stuck in this half-alive state since then.

I haven't made any changes to the hardware since well before this started happening.

I've checked the connections and tried two monitors.

I've tried pressing F2 and Delete as it started up to get into safe mode, but nothing different happened.

I lost the case speaker when I was building this PC, so I don't know if I'm getting a POST beep or not.

Turning it off and re-attempting is what resolved this problem in the past, but I'm loathe to force it off like that for fear of making things worse, can anyone confirm or deny that?

In those earlier attempts I tried unplugging everything from the back of the computer except the monitor, and nothing seemed to change.

The led's on my mouse and around the ethernet port turn on and off at regular intervals.

Thanks so much for your attention, I'm glad there are people out there who take the time to help people with this stuff.