Headphones playing low volume on specific PC

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I am sorry if this is not the place/sub/tag to post this, this is my first time on this forum.

I have a Toshiba laptop and AKG K99 headphones.

The problem is everytime I use the headphones it sounds really really low, it wasn't always like that and the headphones work fine in other pc's. It used to work fine until one day it just stopped doing it.

I have everything at max settings but it sounds like it's at 40%-50%

I checked every single sound setting and everything is maxed, the "comunication software" thing is off and it never was a problem (only communications software I ever used was discord). Everything from the inside settings is ok. I know this because I checked everything like trice and the total output looks fine: https://imgur.com/gallery/bl6bT

So I thought it may be a hardware problem, something in the aux entry. I have my doubts of that because when you have something not plugged correctly there some things distort and some freqs are cut, usually, but in this case I can hear every frequency (I must know, I produce music as a hobby) just really low vol'd a lot. I can't test this because I have nothing else to plug there and see.

So I don't know what else to do, I really hope it's a software thing so I don't have to buy a new pc. But I wanted to ask you guys, Does it sounds like a hardware thing?

Edit: Also, it's set in "DVD quality" settings, I have seen that being suggested before but still nothing.
Edit2: Laptop speakers sound fine, also do VGA conections