Monitor says 'no signal' when cpu is turned on

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The desktop I'm having trouble with is an old one that hasn't been touched for years. When I turned it on the first time, it had the no signal problem, but when I took out my RAM to clean and put it back in, I was able to use my pc.

I then tried to restore my desktop to the earliest possible date but encountered another issue. The computer would beep once then restart over and over again, so I took out the cmos battery and put it back in, thinking it would help (I don't know what that does actually so I don't know if should've done that), but it didn't. So I took out my RAM again and cleaned it and put it back in but now my monitor doesn't get a signal.

I don't know if I messed up any of my parts, so I need advice on what to do, like if I should replace anything, or try other stuff? Thanks!

- Acer Aspire M5630
- intel Core 2 Quad
- Windows Vista
- CPU Q6600
- 1x 2GB DDR2 memory
- SuperMulti Drive