My H, S, G, M, D key's aren't working

zath - Updated by zath on 15/12/16 at 09:15 PM
Hey, i have encountered a problem recently on my Acer laptop.

i was casually playing one of those online browser games at like 2pm, and like 20minutes or so into it, my keys M, H, G, S, D stopped working, well they became slowly unresponsive then stopped.
after restoring my laptop to a previous point, my "m" key was responsive on startup for 2seconds then stopped.
(this is all typed with a bluetooth keyboard)
I have tried:
-Restoring for a previous point.
-Restarting my laptop.
-Updating my drivers.
-Factory Resetting.
-Uninstalling then Reinstalling.

but nothing has worked as of far.
i can't try that "pull your battery out" method cause my laptop doesn't have those pull out batteries.. idk what to do, is my keyboard broken? all my other keys are fine.