Forgot my password and cant retrieve it [Closed]


I have tried getting my Hotmail account back. Have no idea what my password as i made it close to 15 years ago. The phone number on file i do not believe to ever be a number i had so i am unable to have anything text to my actual phone.

I need this account because everything is linked off of my Hotmail. My online banking, Facebook, snap chat, phone billing, everything...

I have tried to go through your questionnaire filling out enough information however both times i have tried it has said i have not been able to provide enough information.

it ask what the last emails i have sent from my account, although i do not use my Hotmail email account to send emails, that being said i was not able to provide an answer here and tried to put in some of the last received emails instead as i use my Hotmail account to check emails, and other email accounts to send.

Please let me know if this is something that you are able to help with. You can reach me at my other email which is ***@***.

Thank you.