Dual monitor problems on Compaq Vista32bit

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The computer is a laptop and that screen worked initially.Then I got a larger second glass tube monitor. I mainly used it. I plugged in the VGA cord into the laptop and I had "double images". Not what I wanted, because I used the large image. It is time to downsize or toss the big monitor. However, my pc monitor finally lost the desktop display, I guess by a setting I lucked out on in over a year and I had a white screen. Then last week it went black. Then I lost the icons and desktop image on the big monitor.
The chick that suggested press the Function key and then f5 or f7 or the one with the monitor on it...well that was a god send. I got back the glass monitor icons.
HOWEVER and this is where I can only go by memory.
I "Believe" it was a Radeon display and I believe I checked on the Clone function to get it to show to the other screen on the Laptop(well got to hope it works and did a restart.)

That is when everything disappeared. I had downloaded"Belarc Advisor" off the net into my PC and ran that to see if it would see the driver or video card but I cannot decide if it says so or not amongst all the other stuff it tells me about my system.

as for the "function key" when I first hit f5, my computer went to sleep.
So the function key is different on a Compaq? But does the function key help turn on the Laptop monitor?

I don't want to press buttons now that I got one screen to work. I am using a different computer to write this letter. The Vista Home Premium SP2 is off line. right now and has been that way for over 2 years.

So can anyone out there help me get the Laptop monitor to turn on. Right now I got the screen to white. Don't know where to go from here.

I believe I was reading a members responses and suppose it came from the cafe'