Dual monitor setup on latop second monitor settings dont work

Stefan Aleksic - Updated by Ambucias on 8/01/17 at 05:23 AM

I have a gaming laptop plugged in to my 2 dell P2314H monitors via (mini display- laptop end to display ports- monitors for both) all works fine but, my first monitor settings work the buttons on the monitor allows me to go through settings and do stuff i need but the second monitor buttons dont work whenever i click on any of the buttons in a dual set up it pops up with a lock and nothing happens its as if its disabled.
i tried the monitor separate buttons works but when in dual it dose not.
the reason why i need it to work is i need to changed the settings and brightness but doing that on the first monitor does not do it to the second , so i need a fix on it.
if anyone has a solution could you please tell me would greatly appreciate.