Very odd wifi problem

aswome5 - Jan 19, 2017 at 09:24 PM
Hello, I'm having a peculiar problem with my internet connection.

It all started mid-November when I unplug everything attached to my computer for a trip, only to leave it behind for reasons unrelated. When I got back, I plugged it in to find out that although my internet connection says it is fully connected, Google Chrome would say otherwise. In short, my internet connection does not work for anything except for command prompt pinging, windows internet troubleshooter, internet explorer, and internet explorer on a virtual box running windows 2000. I have tried pinging, troubleshooting, checking for viruses with ESET NOD32, getting a brand spankin' new wifi adapter(only to find that the old one still works), and testing what they said on various other threads not unlike this one.
I really need help on this.