Connect two remote devices

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I'm new here, any help will be appreciated :)

I'm in need to connect two devices located in two different location via tcp.

Both the devices are under two router.
I've already tried to set up a vpn between the routers (two ASUS N55U), it half works:

The first router (SERVERVPN - relase the ip to the second router (CLIENTVPN - that assume once connected to the vpn)

From the clients of CLIENTVPN router i can ping any device connected to the SERVERVPN router (192.168.2.X) .

Otherwise I can ping from any devices connected to the SERVERVPN only the CLIENTVPN router, but not its clients, beceause they don't have a vpn ip (i suppose CLIENTVPN router is doing a nat or something else).

Now, what i really need is that i can reach only ONE device connected to the CLIENTVPN router from only ONE device connected to the SERVERVPN router, and viceversa.

Is there a way to do this?
I don't know, something like static route?

To be more clear: (PC1) -> (SERVERVPN) -> (CLIENTVPN - LOCAL ADDRESS -> (PC2) (no VPN address) and viceversa.
Of course i can alway ping the router CLIENTVPN from PC2 ( <->

I'm open to every hint.
I could change the routers in case, but as last chance.

Thank you very much in advance to everyone who'll help!

Best regards,