Using 1 Table to Apply Values to Subsequent Cells [Closed]


I usually search google for my excel questions, but this one is tricky! It may even be beyond the scope of Excel.

In a nut shell, I'm designing a financial ledger for the handling of petty cash by my staff. Petty cash in my office is used just about daily for random, little work-related expenses, i.e., gas/travel reimbursements, office supplies, occasional lunches for meetings, etc.

Many of my employees unfortunately are careless with their handling of P/C and often cause the cash account to be come off balance.

So for this reason I now mandate that they reconcile the money at the end of each transaction not by simply deducting today's transactions from yesterday's balance, but by having them reconcile by actually counting.

I've created an excel table for that, all they need to do is count the physical number for each denomination (i.e., 1x $100 dollar bill, 3x $50 dollar bills.... 7x quarters, 46x dimes...etc) and excel then computes the total petty cash balance.

Now, what I'm trying to do is by using this simple table, I want it to post the determined balance to a ledger for each count on subsequent cells, without it changing or affecting the previously inputted balance on the above cell.

So for example, Day 1 - the table calculates a total combination of all dollars and coins of $257.53, I can have that total applied to one cell, but the next day now, Day 2 - after a transaction for some office supplies, I want that staff to again determine the balance by using the SAME table, however I want the table to display the NEW balance into the cell BELOW the previous balance and I want this to continue, so on and so fourth, WITHOUT having the previous entry affected.

Is this possible with excel? if so, HOW?

I have searched google endlessly far an wide and cannot find the solution!

Thank you!

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