Toshiba Satellite L855 won't turn on HELP PLEASE

Okay so I went to open my laptop and the screen was just black... fan was running and I could hear it working, but the screen wouldn't light up. So, i took the battery out and then popped it back in and tried to boot it and it won't turn on! I've been troubleshooting for a half hour and nothing is working. Here's what I've tried:

-took battery out and disconnected power supply, held power button for 30sec, then 1min, then 2min, replacing the battery and plugging back in each time
- held down esc key while pressing power button
- held shift + f8 while pressing power button
- held 0 while pressing power button
(I've pretty much tried every button combo + power button to no avail... no beeping sounds or any sign of life)
The only light that is on is the white LED button when it's plugged in. No WLAN light or power light.

I also have not dropped anything on it... I ALMOST stepped on it this morning but stopped myself as soon as I felt that my foot was on it lol. It also took a tumble a few days ago... nothing major but it kept working even after it fell! (Like it fell but my show kept playing continuously, it didn't even freeze for a second) it's been working since then, and was even working this morning. I've had a problem with overheating but it's only shut down because of that twice, and turned on right away after I let it cool down for 5-10min. I came home to a blanket near it/halfway covering it, but the area where the fan blows out was uncovered.

Someone please help me! This laptop is only about four years old and I've had nothing but problems with it... have had to take it to be fixed like 4 times and have replaced the battery and power supply twice. I'm so frustrated and Toshiba is supposed to be quality!