Having Trouble Logging into Facebook Account

Gloria Hatfield - Updated by Ambucias on 8/02/17 at 04:26 PM
I've been trying to log onto my Facebook page I've tried every thing to log in and can't get on my page it keeps telling me to give my email address which is ***@*** and my phone number which is no longer in use 12057203325 I have a new number now which is removed by moderator.each time I put in my email address above it will not take keeps telling me it's invalid and that is my email address when I put in my new number it keeps giving the old number which is above 12057203325 this number 12057203325 is no longer in service. when it gives me a code it will go to my old phone instead of my new phone. removed by moderator and I can't get the code. Can somebody please help me with this issue