"Some Folder Lock services are not running.Try restarting Win.."


This is my "story":I was installed Folder Lock 7.1.1,and at the first time i used,everything's fine-i was created a Folder Lock Portable,but once i press Window+R and tap "Services.msc".Maybe i was turn off some feature,and now it goes wrong.Everytime i shut down my PC,i can't turn on Folder Lock's shortcut,it always say "Some Folder Lock services are not running.Try restarting Windows or install Folder Lock again to fix it!"
But the thing is,when i open my Folder Lock Portable and tap the Password to open locker,it can open again!I mean after i open the Folder Lock Portable,the Shortcut now can use,but until the next shut down,the same issue is appear again...and now,it's unluckily that i lost my locker and my FL Portable,now i can't enter to the Folder Lock to open it again even now i have my password... .My programs in that locker it's VERY IMPORTANT to me!!!It have a lot of Programs,information and other stuff,they all Usefully and very RARE!
...Could someone help me solve this issue?It's my pleasure to say thank you!Very!!!!