Dell XPS2710 AIO Touch screen Black screen of death

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Thursday February 9, 2017
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February 9, 2017
Dell XPS2710 AIO Touch screen Black screen of death.

Few weeks ago this happened and looking through the forums etc general consensus of opinion mobo needed replacing. Seeing how expensive and how difficult to source thought nothing to lose to try other ways. Will stress not a techy geek but have been playing since the ZX81! Having got into the guts just tightened up all the screws removed and reinstalled processor, ram, battery and HDD. When all back together connected usb mouse and keyboard switched on zilch.

All problems seem to have been BY installing Win 10 even Dell agree so I though get rid of win 10 but how? Downloaded (on another PC) Win 8 to flash drive plugged in side port on XPS and switched on kept hitting keys F2 F8 F12 and after several attempts F12 appears on top right of screen this opened screen enabling me to format HDD which was successful (Actually not totally sure which key opened the format screen).Selected USB as boot, plugged in flash drive and rebooted and wow now we have Win 8 and working perfectly. This was ok for a week everything working.

Dells internal program ran trouble shoot the whole system no problems found. Came down this morning switched on and yes you guessed BSOD and whats more the keyboard is not lit though the mouse is. Changed ports just in case but no keyboard so can't do anything! Anyone with a possible solution or are we make to mobo replacement?

Apologies for it not being really technical.