Need help copying a row [Closed]


i have a number of rows starting at row B which give details of projects.

ProjectID, END Date, Number of Hours to complete, Number of Weeks to complete
AAA001, 15-Jan-2017, 37.5, 4
AAB002, 15-Feb-2017, 75, 5
AAC003, 20-Feb-2017, 37.5, 3

I would like each row to be copied into a new sheet a number of times (based on the number of weeks to complete), I would like the number of hours to complete to be divided by the number of weeks to complete, and I would like to Date to go back a number of weeks based on the number of weeks to complete

AAA001, 18-Dec-16, 9.375, 1
AAA001, 25-Dec-16, 9.375, 1
AAA001, 1-Jan-17, 9.375, 1
AAA001, 8-Jan-17, 9.375,1
AAB002, 11-Jan-17, 15, 1
AAB002, 18-Jan-17, 15 ,1
AAB002, 25-Jan-17, 15 ,1
AAB002, 1-Feb-17, 15 ,1
AAB002, 15-Feb-17, 15, 1
and so on

is there a way to do this in VBA, and then to sort the resulting table in order based on date?

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