Playstion 3 will not take the update (2017)

Charles - Feb 16, 2017 at 11:28 AM
Hello, I am having trouble with my Playstation 3 I'm not sure if it is a hard drive issue, but this just started 3 months ago i really did not have time to look at it because i have been going to work off and on. To make a long story short i tried this; (these are things i have already done)
Step 1: I downloaded the 4.80 ps3 update then put it on a flash drive within the flash drive i labeled the folder playstation 3 then put the update inside the folder.
Step2: After saving then exiting off the computer, i then plugged the flash drive into the playsation3 then powered it on it then took me to the bios menu were you can reset the playstation3 or update and so on
Step3: I chose update then a screen show up were it tell you to press start&select at the same time to initiate the scan for the update.
after about 1,000 angry times still no luck.
Now every time i turn it on it just will not take the update, do anyone have any suggestions or do i have a dead hard drive?