How to populate multiple rows from one row [Closed]

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February 19, 2017
Thank you for accepting me into the forum & my apologies for asking for help with something that may be too basic or impossible (I hope not).

I would be grateful for any guidance where to search or on how to solve my challenge (please let me know what is the best place to upload files if that helps explain my predicament). I have uploaded the two sample files to drop box here:®

I have one worksheet (firstsheet.xls) with approximately 100 rows of data. Each row contains all data across approximately 50 columns. The master record in each row is a unique number (Invoice Number).

Wondering if anyone can help me take cells in each row of data and format it in another worksheet (SalesInvoiceTest.csv) in 5 rows for each and every unique number, i.e. each unique number will appear in 5 consecutive rows, followed by the next unique number x 5 lines, and so on until the last number. I created that worksheet with sample data in the correct format - but with no automation/formulas etc (in dropbox above).

I assume I then need to use VLookup and IF functions (I am probably oversimplifying it) to populate the 5 lines with data from the initial row in the first worksheet. Another issue is the final worksheet needs to be CSV so I can't use formula/functions I guess. The worksheet will end up being 500 rows long, all consecutive, 5 lines per unique number.

I would be grateful for any advice and many thanks in advance for your support. I have spent a few days reading up but going round in circles.

Thanks so much for any ideas.

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