Loss of Outlook/Hotmail [Closed]

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Monday February 20, 2017
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February 28, 2017

Having used my daughter's laptop she now has access to my Hotmail account, which she was tempted to access in Japan, bad news. I did get the message of "hacking", which is OK BUT I suspect she must have also tried to resurrect my account and clocked up the failed attempts.

Learned the following:
You no longer get the code straight away to the alternative address but can answer hopefully all sorts of personal questions if you click on "I no longer have an alternative". I no longer know how I spelled my "Favourite Pet's Name", was it Puss Puss or Pooss Pooss, etc. Forgot to add the international code for the numbers I skyped and no longer know email headings but found some old ones, which have to be recent though. Microsoft wants the last digits and expiry date of my credit card BUT since buying something from them my card numbers have changed.

I wonder if the bot simply rejects an account resurrection on the smallest error??

Does "final update" to my attempts mean I have lost the account for good??