Transfering information from one worksheet to another

faithhof74 - Feb 21, 2017 at 04:50 PM

I am trying to transfer information from one worksheet to another, but only if the name shows up on the second worksheet. For example, I have a list of 30 names on sheet one and a columns that say sales1,sales2 and sales3. On the 2nd worksheet, sales1, column A would have the names of those who had sales and column B would have an amount. But not every name from sheet one would show, only those that had sales for sales1. So I might have 30 names on the first worksheet, but only 10 on the second. I want to be able to transfer the B column of worksheet 2 to the sales1 column of worksheet1, but only to those names that show on both sheets. Is there a way to do this?