Identify the frequency of times

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Looking for a way to identify the frequency of times a name in column A exceeds the value of its outcome in column c when compared to its expected outcome in column b, and then the average number of days that is exceeded for that particular value. For example, column A is a list of names, with each name appearing anywhere between 1 as n 40 times each. Column B is the expected number of days that name should have hit, which is the same for that name no matter how many time it is listed in column A, but different for each name. Column C is the actual number if days which could be more than, equal to, or less than the expected days found in column B, for that name in Column A. Goal is for output to show how many times each name exceeded the expected number of days, the average number of days it exceeded, and the ratio of times it exceeded compared to equaled or was less than. Any help would be so very much appreciated.