Find specific values in a cell based on the text behind

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Friday March 3, 2017
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March 3, 2017

Let me give you the example first.
The cell has the following text:

7 Pages TRA, 23 Pages PRF, 97 Words TRA,

I would like to find the values in front of each of the variables (Pages TRA | Pages PRF....).
The actual goal is to create a formula based on the values in a cell.
For example:

7 Pages TRA = 7
23 Pages PRF = 23 x 2 = 46
97 Words TRA = 97 x 0,1 = 9.7

So, the total for the above cell would be = 7 + 46 + 9.7 = 62.7

In the end, for each of the cell containing the example text (I can have only 1 unit, 2... or more) I would love to get a generic value based on some multiplying factors I determine.

Tried the FIND, RIGHT and LEFT functions but the problem is that I have more than 1 value and 1 unit...

Thank you very much!