Moving data from one Excel table to another table

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Sunday March 5, 2017
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March 5, 2017
I have searched high and low, tried doing it myself, no luck...

I have a table in a workbook (PipelineTable) to track sales. When the sales status in column F (range is named "SalesStage") is changed to "Closed - Won" I want to run a macro that will move that row of data to another table (WonTable) on a different worksheet and insert it in a new row at the bottom of the table. I would like to assign a button to the macro so the saleman can run it after he has completed all changes to his pipeline. I have graphs on a dashboard that change dynamically based on a report date so I thought it would be best to use tables so as new data is entered the ranges would expand. I would then like to delete the now empty row in the PipelineTable. I should also mention that the table data starts on row 4 in all worksheet tables, and all tables have the same heading names (some columns are just hidden for readability). I can get the data to move but it is inserted below the last row of the table, not in the table, therefore the graphs do not read it. I believe I need to use 'ListObject' to identify the table but have not had any luck. What am I missing? The end users of this workbook have limited skill with Excel and it would be a nightmare to manage their use of filters and cut and paste.

Thanks for any and all help!