Store picture from resource into db and retrieve it by textbox

James80 - Updated by James80 on 7/03/17 at 08:18 AM
I have the following, in a form (the project is a visual c project form):
-database: this one have a list of names, and possible every name have a picture to be displayed only there's 1 result during the filter with the textbox;
-DataGridView and textbox: linked with database, the textbox it's used like a filter there. (Also i like to ask if it's possible to transfer the data from this to a listview);
For resume, how can i put one or more pictures saved on the resources, into database and retrieve them in a picturebox during textbox filtering ? Also there's a fast way to populate database like a copy and paste of names and link the datagridview to the listbox ?
Sorry for all these question.
Thank you in advice.