WiFi Digital Picture frame locks up when the fire alarm goes off

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Saturday March 4, 2017
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March 20, 2017
This question was asked of me today. I have a user who has a Ceiva digital picture frame connected to our WiFi. It is situated on a table near one of our fire alarms. The fire alarms are hard wired and have nothing to do with our WiFi. This user states that every time our fire alarm goes off she has to cold boot the picture frame to bring it back up. The frame freezes up when the alarm goes off. Date, time settings, no updating of pictures, etc. I asked her to move the frame away from the alarm to see if there is some sort of interference from the alarm (EMR?).

This has me stumped.How can a wired system, with absolutely no connection to our wireless system, affect this wireless device?

Any ideas?

I'm new in this forum,