Google to Ditch Audio Jack on Pixel 2

 Jack Smith -
Click the link below to learn more about the topic in this thread:

Yes just like the Samsung S8 will not have a headphone jack. Woops! That turned out to not be true even though all the trade rags were reporting such.

The Pixel 2 will have a headphone jack Google is NOT stupid. I personally looking forward to getting a Pixel 2 but no jack no sale. I strongly suspect I will no longer be buying iPhones. Started with a 3G and had pretty much every model. But when I replaced our AirPorts at Christmas with Google WiFi really felt like the inflection point of moving from Apple to Google hardware.

It just hard to understand what is going on at Apple. Always loved our AirPorts and had a couple and what I had given kids when moving out of the home. Kind of a weird tradition.

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