Automate new sheet to show the same setup of rows and columns

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Wednesday March 8, 2017
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March 8, 2017
Hi guys,

I am currently trying to automate my database from the surveys. I have sheet 1 which shows every answer from all participants and on sheet 2 I have a spider graph and the answers of the first participant. The second sheet is linked to sheet 1. What I would like to do is to automate sheet 3, 4, 5 and so forth in a way that it contains the same function of the sheet 2 with the graph and answers but it should automatically jump to the next participant. For example sheet 3 contains data from participant 2, sheet 4 contains data from participant 3, etc. Is it possible to make it work like that? I am not that experience and I am currently stuck. I am using excel 2010.