Lenovo Yoga 13 display is off

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Hello, all genius!

I just read some posts related to issue, just want to pick your brain on this.

Initially, the display is off and i sent for repair, the technician claimed the mother board is tossed, asked me to replace it. Cost me AUD160 have it fix in KL. Then subsequence, he called and said the battery is also gone, request me to replace the battery. However, he has no stock. He claimed i can still use it with power.

That was happen in Malaysia when I got the repair done.

After I come back to Sydney, I sent the Lenovo Yoga 13 to a local store to have the battery replaced. When the technician replace the battery, he found the battery cable is not connected. Anyway, he still replace the battery, and found the machine display is not light up. Then he claimed the previous technician did not do a good job. Asked me either send the machine back to Lenovo for full diagnostics, which will cost me another AUD160. Or send back to the previous technician.

I spent another AUD90 for the new battery and I still back to square. Need to use the laptop with power.

Any thought?