Laptop is plugged battery removed unit turn off

Lubecki201 - Updated by Ambucias on 9/03/17 at 04:56 AM

So my laptop runs fine with the battery in it. If the Battery is fully charged, I can run around the house with it all day until it dies. However, when my laptop is plugged in and I remove the battery, the unit turns off. In other words, battery aside, my laptop will not turn on with no battery while it is plugged in. I thought this was odd and that it could not be the battery. I also find it odd the unit works fine with the battery in it. When I have it plugged in, the light by the power turns off once I turn on the unit. For some reason, the laptop works fine when the battery is in, but does not charge or show the laptop it is getting power if the unit is turned on. In addition, I replaced the AC adapter and am still having the same issue. I need to reformat and it's becoming an issue because it won't start the process until the laptop recognizes power being received while plugged in.

Any ideas???