Problem with playlist (.pla) fo my mp3 player Sony

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Wednesday December 5, 2007
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March 13, 2017
hello. i have a mp3 player sony nwz-e384 and i had a problem with the drivers (i wasn't able to see my mp3 in my PC) , and i resolved the problem with a topic i see here.

i'm very happy but i have an other problem.

On my mp3 player, i have many playlist (.pla) and they work when i listen them to my mp3 player, but not on my PC, i can't open the playlist (.pla) and change or add more music. I can't add new playlist too. The option isn't valid now like before.

All of my playlists are already here, them appear but i can't open it. Windows didn't reconnized them and they are no solution for open them.

But if i open my mp3 on an other computer (laptop), i can see the playlist .pla, and i can modified them. but not on my PC.

so i think it's a problem again with the drivers or i don't know what.

i don't know how i can't resolved that problem.

May someone can help me ? :(

Sorry for my bad english, i speak french.